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John L.'s Fantasizer System




In summer 1974, John L. founded the REINE ERDE ensemble, a circle of friends of ancient rhythm music. Elements of psychedelic sound painting flew together with the beats of various drummers and the patterns of the legendary EMS-AKS analogue synthesizer.

Journeys to the European centres of free music, for instance to Perpignan in the South of France, confirmed his idea that there is a European ancient rhythm, saved through the milleniums as a cultural intuition and practised till today by autodidact drummers. In 1979, he gave it a name: MALINUUGA MUSIC.

He found the word in an old English book that tells about a dwarf who was in attendance on Merlin, the great magician. The dwarf used to drum rhythmic sound mantras on the strings of a big harp ... and the magician could find peace of mind. The dwarf was called MALINUU, his music was named by the short syllable GA . The acronym MALINUUGA stands for a music that combines meditative sound collages with rhythmic variety - most similar to ancient celtic and American Indian motifs.

In the 80s, John L. started to construct an ensemble of instruments especially suitable for for the idea of a music that orginates spontaneously from the moment. His "sound sculptures" are collages from various materials  - "objètcs trouvés" he found on his way:  springs, bells, film spools, antlers etc. In Yterca, his main instrument, the antlers have got the function of a natural synthesizer: the material of the horn modulates and alienates the sounds produced by the other percussion elements.

For the new Project - GALACTICAT - the fantasizer system is completed by an ensemble of electronic instruments.

ROLAND ANALOG SYTHESIZER SYSTEM 100: Theis 30 years old dinosaur of electronics creates the multi-frequent "song of star dust". The modern work-station QUASIMIDI SIRIUS accompanies the solo voice by cosmic sound-scapes. ALESIS AIR-FX: This short-wave digital audio-processor enables the musician to change the sound spontaneously by movements of his hands. RAVE-O-LUTION 309: This little Quasimidi electronic miracle provides the adequate drive by hundreds of filgrane rhythmic elements.

The electronic AHLBORN mini church-organ provides the sacral element.



Leev Luögg